Christmas Suspense Gift Game

Christmas Suspense Gift

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Lia decided she'll get a Christmas present for her friend who have not abandoned her in her times of need, maybe something trendy or something that she can use, but because they all live in the snowy mountains, finding such a present might not be easy. Lia decided she'll take a look at the town if there is something there and even though it's quite a distance from their location, she'll move through snow which are piling along the way. Will Lia be able to find a perfect gift for her friend?

Escape players, we'll all go on an adventure here around the snowy forest just to find a suitable gift for Lia's friend, will you join her in this quest for it? This is already a quest for a large amount of effort is needed here just to get to the nearest gift-store, maybe she'll find something in her home or even along the way to make it easier! Get it for Lia shall have a thank you and a Christmas present for her friend.

Journey through piles of snow escape players, find a present here around the cold area. Christmas Suspense Gift is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Mirchigames.

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