Christmas Special Truffle Escape Game

Christmas Special Truffle Escape

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Truffles are already special and quite expensive, but there was this very special truffle which was even more special than the typical ones and it is only served in Christmas as a special holiday dish for a certain family. But in-order to get such a truffle, Elaine who was a part of that family who makes a special truffle treat, must travel back to their hometown where their classic house stands and there she'll find the special truffle being kept for safety. Even Elaine's colleagues in the culinary arts doesn't know about this truffle, that's how special it is but still Elaine will have a hard time getting it for their home had a little trick to it.

As Elaine arrived at the place, her challenge begins and because she doesn't have a retriever dog which is used to search for wild truffles, she is going to use just her skills and logic here in getting to that secret place of those special truffles. Escape players, truffles ain't cheap so when you find it, conceal it from the elements and anyone's prying eyes. The question is will you be able to find it while in the shoes of Elaine though?

Find a special ingredient here escape players in a place located in the countryside. Christmas Special Truffle Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game created by Ekey Games.

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