Christmas Santa Escape (Angel Escape) Game

Christmas Santa Escape (Angel Escape)

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You can't really deny the fact that the children love Santa so much. In fact, many of them don't sleep at Christmas Eve just to catch Santa. But because he is so careful, nobody ever saw him. He is indeed smooth with going down the chimney. Tonight, he thought that he can pull out his trick again but he is wrong. He thought that all of the children in this house are already asleep but one of them is awake. That one child never wants him to leave. The thing is, he needs to deliver more gifts to other children so as much as he wants to, he really can't stay in the house. He doesn't want to hurt the child's feeling so the best way to do is to escape. Thankfully, there are helpful items that he can use to unlock the door.

However, this child is really serious about Santa. In fact, he left puzzles that Santa needs to solve before he can escape. Therefore, he must gather clues and use his logic so he can escape quickly. Christmas Santa Escape (Angel Escape) is a brand new outdoor escape game from Angel Escape. Good luck and have fun!

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