Christmas House Decorate Escape Game

Christmas House Decorate Escape

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It's Christmas and Ania woke-up excited for she is now welcome to open the gifts for it's already the day! Finally, to see what's in there after a while of looking at that wrapper, but before she did however, she first checked the rooms to see her family if they've already awaken, but they weren't there though and none of them can be found around the house too. Did they leave and left her there? That is getting Ania thinking twice of opening the gifts so she just tried to get to the doors leading outside when she realized it couldn't be opened.

Ania tried hard and as she did, it is getting her confused for why did her family lock her inside jammed and where are they? But she does know she shouldn't open some presents now. Escape players, Ania here doesn't know what's going-on here why her family were missing and the doors were locked, care to join her on this escape inside her heavily decorated Christmas house?

Join in the escape adventure here everyone, see what you can do in-order to escape. Christmas House Decorate Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Genie Fun Games.

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