Find The Christmas Star (Genie Fun Games) Game

Find The Christmas Star (Genie Fun Games)

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Let's try this adventure here where you have to find an item around a luxurious house. Find The Christmas Star is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from Genie Fun Games.

Christmas is close and to make the luxurious house ready for the festivities, Gina tried to gather her Christmas decorations and especially the Christmas star which was the last decor she puts to really complete everything. The Christmas star is a heirloom passed to her from her parents and from theirs as well, that thing must always be put up and of course Gina followed that tradition. Every decoration have been found after a while of gathering, but unfortunately there was one that she could not locate and that is her all important Christmas star!

Gina knew she kept it hidden in a specific room and as always it had been there, but it's very weird why it was gone! It should not be though for that thing is pretty expensive and it already had a lot of sentimental value to it. Gina needs help here now and because she is alone at the moment, she can only ask help from you escape players! Join Gina and let's all find that Christmas star somewhere and it's suppose to be in the house. Find clues then and scan every room in the house.


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