Christmas Gift Forest Escape Game

Christmas Gift Forest Escape

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The valley is now covered with snow and the secrets of the place had changed once again. The entire wilderness is a place full of illusions and strange stuff. Weirdly enough the place really knows what occasions humans are celebrating, for the illusions there changes according to it. Well everybody knows not to enter there too when Halloween comes for the illusions there relates to it and it's very scary. That day it's Christmas and the illusions there are in the form of Christmas trees, decorations, and even gifts and at the moment, Vin is seeing such as he ventures there.

Vin needs to get to the other town that day and the path that goes around the forest is inaccessible, that's why he doesn't have much of a choice but to go through it and besides, the illusions there relates to Christmas, so what's the worst that can happen? Well even though he expects nothing serious will happen, something actually did and those were ridiculously enough to get him lost! The only illusions there were gifts, but still Vin got lost in the wilderness. This is definitely not happening! Vin said to himself, for he can't just accept that some Christmas gifts got him lost in the forest. Well it is mystical and if the forest wants someone to get lost, it will allow that. Escape players, Vin needs help here right-now for not only the cold is hurting him by the hour, the sun will go down soon and everything will be dark. Navigate the forest here then and quickly while there is still a chance, do not entertain what you see in the forest even if it is treasure, for that can get you into more trouble.

Christmas Gift Forest Escape is a brand new point and click snowy wilderness escape game released by WoW Escape.

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