Christmas Find The Santa Sleigh Game

Christmas Find The Santa Sleigh

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Give this challenge a go where you have to find an item which belongs to an important person in Christmas. Christmas Find The Santa Sleigh is another new point and click item retrieval escape game made by Top 10 New Games.

Mr. Santa Claus has a lot of sleighs to choose from and every year, he must follow the pattern on which sleigh he must go on a ride with. Christmas was fast approaching and now it's time to choose and get it checked then for safety purposes and some other things. Santa was told it was ready and up but in actuality, the sleigh was missing and the helpers are scrambling to find it! This is definitely a situation and the helpers didn't want Santa to know for it is their job to protect the sleigh, but now it is gone.

As one of the helpers of Santa, you were one of those in-charge of the sleigh and this is definitely a fail for the entire team. Escape players, everyone was now scanning the entire area in North pole but as for you however, you were directed to look for clues inside one of Santa's houses and maybe the sleigh is actually inside there. Keep the pace going now and try to act as natural as possible.

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