In the Christmas Elevator Escape game, the office is decorated plainly.

Christmas Elevator Escape

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This year the boss was in a funny mood and decided to give a little spin for the things. As a result, this year’s Christmas party will be different from the previous ones. He locked the stairway doors and modified the elevator system. Now, if someone wants to attend the party and have unlimited amount of delicious food and drinks, he or she needs to play a game. You have to move floor by floor and find the elevator keys on each.

Only if you pass all of them, only then you an enjoy the feast. There’s a catch, however. There are “minions” who will stop you from getting those keys. It’s a really evil game. Conversing with your coworkers during lunch, you find out that everybody else is not happy with the boss’ charade. It’s because that he’s really cheap and nobody believes that he’d spent so much money on a party. However, you’re hatching a plan to make the party fun for everyone!

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Walkthrough video for Christmas Elevator Escape

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