Chinese Girl Escape

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Betty was always called for babysitting in the neighborhood, and one day she even had a new one which was that Chinese family who migrated in the country. Sooner or later she’ll have babysat all children here in every household but as a first for the Chinese girl, she doesn’t know her yet so she needs to be as gentle as possible. That day, the little girl had no school but her mother needs to leave for work, that means Betty was in-charge of her until she returns home, but little did she know that the little girl had something to hide and Betty just knew about it!

At first the girl’s mother warned her that she can be a bit hyperactive but as Betty looks at the kid, it doesn’t seem so but it all began however when the mother left. The kid was absolutely happy to see Betty and she just runs around restless for she really didn’t have the freedom when her mother is home! Betty tried her best to get her to relax before she breaks something, she might be labeled as not doing her job right but when Betty tried, the more the little girl became active until, she finally got trapped in her own room! The girl was hysterical and really she needs to get that girl out before she hurts herself or something. Escape players, that kid finally stayed-put but was unfortunately trapped, try and rescue her safely here. Maybe she’ll relax now.

Rescue a little girl who was trapped in her own house here. Chinese Girl Escape is a brand new point and click indoor rescue escape game released by 8b Games.

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Walkthrough video for Chinese Girl Escape

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