Cheery Wilderness Escape Game

Cheery Wilderness Escape

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An adventure to the cheery wilderness is always great, no serious things would happen and it would always relieve stress on the ones traveling there. Well people can get into serious trouble in the place still if they try to find it, but who would for people who goes there will always have the vibes or relaxation and gleefulness, that is the advantage of going to there and it's great. That day however, as Genevieve went into the area in search for berries and shrubs to use at home, she encountered quite an unfortunate thing and now she couldn't find her way back!

Genevieve tried to pull this shrub which she needs and because it was bigger than she usually finds, she really tried with all of her strength to remove a branch, but when the branch broke that threw her and she fell into a ravine! Genevieve was conscious after her rolling momentum stopped, she was okay but when she looked around, she is not in a familiar ground and there is definitely no way she can climb back up to where she came from! She needs to find another way back there then and often it won't be easy, for the beaten paths can sometimes be hard to find. Escape players, Genevieve needs to get home soon for she needs to bring what she got back and of course just to be safe, she needs to get home before dark. Will you be able to help her here so she will and safely?

Cheery Wilderness Escape is the newest outdoors escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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