Challenging Skull Way Escape

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Wesley went through a hell of a forest just to reach this cave which was in the stories. It is said that this cave contains a ton of skulls and it was rumored that these were the result of thousands of years of sacrifices from once a thriving civilization but died-off at some point. Now what remains is what they left, but why would Wesley go to that place though? Well it is said there are ancient artifacts there which has historical value and even treasures in the form of gold!

The cave was definitely hard to reach, but because Wesley is determined to get where he wants to be, he managed and now he is in the cave! He definitely hesitated in entering the place at first, but in his mind he thought he needs to carry-out what he needed to do and set a guide line as he moves through the tunnels. Little did he know even that guide line is not enough to get him guided there, and as he went he will definitely experience a big problem in the place! Escape players, you all know what Wesley’s fate here now, but if you don’t then come and check this escape game here with us. See what happened to Wesley and try to help him with whatever is troubling him there. Use your skills and logic on this too for surely those will be needed.

Challenging Skull Way Escape is a new underground escape game developed by WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Challenging Skull Way Escape


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