City Of Aliens Escape

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Humans have long since advanced from interstellar travel and traveling from one corner of the galaxy now to the next will take less than a year! That is some crazy advancements in technology indeed. As one of the travelers as they were called for they travel through the galaxy in search for anything that is still beyond the understandings of humans, Daniel is nearing a planet and he was notified by his ship that it was habitable. That’s good, maybe he’ll land and check the place, little did he know he will come across a problem there and it almost costed him his life!

As Daniel approaches reentry, something exploded! It didn’t seem like it was from the ship though, it was echoing and then there was a bright light! After that Daniel was knocked unconscious. For who knows how long right after, Daniel wakes-up and found himself in what looks like a high-tech city! Daniel knew this is the planet he decided to land on for where else will he be? Heaven? He also know he is alive but one thing he doesn’t have a clue of though, that there was actually life here in this place, it was definitely alien-tech he was seeing for there were no existing colonies in this place which they established across the milky way. After seeing all of this, Daniel was very quick to decide then in finding his ship wherever it is, for not only his communications are there, everything that is vital for him and all especially that he is off-world is in that space vessel. He needs to get to it right-now so will you help him escape players as he ventures around this alien place to find his ship quickly? Go ahead then and move fast for as Daniel can see, things are still okay, but it won’t be for long now.

City Of Aliens Escape is the newest game created by 365 Escape.

Walkthrough video for City Of Aliens Escape


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