The living room has a green door in Cartoon Worm Escape.

Cartoon Worm Escape

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An old man collects worms to use as bait for fishing. He picked up a worm that has to be somewhere at that particular time. Needless to say, the worm is not very happy to be plopped down in a can filled with other worms. The old man went home and settled the can inside the car shed because the sun had already set. Meanwhile, the worm went up to the top of the can and slid out of it.

Slowly but surely, the worm crawled from the tool shed all the way to the back entrance of the old man’s house. He could not find a hole he can slid through under the fences so he had no choice. There was a small hole at the bottom of the entrance door where the worm went in. Soon, he was gazing at the kitchen. He doesn’t know exactly where to go. One thing is for sure, he has to find a way to escape.


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Walkthrough video for Cartoon Worm Escape

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