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Cartoon Home

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You've left the country for a few years after having a major heartbreak. Things just started falling apart one day and you felt like you can't take it anymore. So instead of slowly dying with depression and loneliness, you decided to step out of the country. You went to a place you've always wanted to go. You went there to see the wondrous vegetation you've only seen in pictures. The place also has mystical temples that's giving you peace of mind and healing. There nobody knew you. It's like starting anew. But you can't stay here for a very long time. You know you have to face your issues back home. Yet you'll only do that when you already have the strength. So for the mean time you just enjoy your stay at the foreign place. Staying away from your stresses proved to be helpful. And you've regained composure.

Then the time has come to be back home. Your house was taken care by a caretaker. You didn't leave it to your relatives or they'll just fight over it. Your house looks like the way it used to be. What changed is the fact that you can be trapped inside your very own home. Cartoon home is a room escape game from 365 escape offering you puzzles to solve so you can view your garden once more.

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