Carrot Land Escape

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The farm area is a haven for carrots, but it’s not harvest season yet so there are only a few of them there, but one should see the place when it is for there won’t be much green in there no more, only orange! That day, Olive is in the place for she is just roaming around sightseeing for she has nothing to do and she does this almost every time if she is bored. But that day something different is going to happen though, and Olive is definitely going to get caught-off guard with that!

Olive just got lost and she only realized that when she could no longer familiarize the place! She shouldn’t have kept walking and walking, but she was unconscious about that for she was deep in thought and when she snapped out of it, she is now in the situation. There was nobody in the area at the moment and so she has no help at all, well except from you escape players, will you help Olive here navigate the place before it gets dark? Go ahead then and get your escape skills tested here as well.

Carrot Land Escape is another new point and click outdoors escape game made by Games 2 Live.