Can You Escape Modern Office Game

Can You Escape Modern Office
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Everything needs an upgrade especially when it comes to offices. This upgrade can help for the growth of the company. Aside from that, this can help them to bring out healthy competition. However, it is not healthy for an old soul like you. You really want everything the way it was before. But unfortunately, you can't stop the company's growth. The office will not adjust for you. And it's time for you to upgrade as well. You are really not familiar with the modern things in this place but you know that you can get used to it. You have to start right now and try to find out how to open the door. There is a password for every employee and you have to solve puzzles for you to get that password. This is really a hassle for you but it's for company's security.

However, you must not worry too much because there are clues that can help you out. Also, your office mates left items just in case you might need it. You have to be as quick as possible because you still have a job to do. Can You Escape Modern Office is the newest room escape game from 5n Games. Best of luck!

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