Brilliant Halloween House Game

Brilliant Halloween House

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The entire neighborhood was absolutely brilliant with their Halloween decors for it looked like they really spent a lot especially effort to make their decors looks real. Of course the other houses don't want to be left behind of what their neighbors were having, so they too put-up their best until it just cascaded down the neighborhood. Late in the afternoon, Harris roamed around the place so he can see the decors in the day and he'll compare it to what it will look later in the evening when the Halloween party starts. Harris saw even more awesome decorations and because he wanted to see even more, he got himself in a part of the neighborhood which he was not even familiar to him. He doesn't worry about that at all but actually he should, for he won't be able to navigate back!

That is exactly what happened to Harris and now he can't get himself back home! Harris thought maybe he should follow his steps back? And he did, but that only get him even more confused and especially more lost in the area. Harris did not expect any of this to happen, but he needs to fix this or it will get worst. Escape players, want to join Harris here in getting back home before he gets lost even more?

Brilliant Halloween House is the newest point and click scary neighborhood escape game created by Fun Escape Games.

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