Spooky Halloween Game

Spooky Halloween

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After trick or treating time, you didn't go home but instead you went straight to the rumored haunted house for it's also decorated and maybe you can get candy from there. Well your real purpose actually was to try and discover the place for its haunts, it's going to be an adventure and because it was Halloween, you expected that the haunts will be much active there. And so you are now at the front-door of the house and there was this grim-reaper thing standing at the side, you are somehow thinking if it's real or not? It's a ridiculous question but what if it is? Then you should be careful.

Escape players, you are now deciding between entering and abandoning this adventure, what will you do now? Will you enter and have fun this Halloween through legit frights? Or just leave and count the candy you got back at home? If you choose the first one then you have to find a way to enter for the door is locked. Be ready for what's to come then and expect scary stuff coming-out from the dark corners of the place.

Spooky Halloween is a brand new point and click scary house escape game from 8B Games and Games 2 Mad.

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