Bomb Ride Game

Bomb Ride

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It is such a nice day for driving so this is what you did. The weather is just so fine and you really enjoy the nice road. There are no traffic and you can hear nothing but the sound of the cold wind. However, that peaceful ride suddenly stopped when you heard something from the back seat. It sounds like a ticking clock and when you looked back, you are shock to see a bomb. You pulled over to go down the ride but the door won't open. You have to find a way to escape as soon as possible. However, there are puzzles that you have to solve before you can open the door. This will really test your logic and your escape skills.

Not only that you have to be mindful of your escape but also with the time that you have. The good news is, there are clues that can help you to solve everything in time. Sadly, those clues would be nothing if you will not use your logic. There are items that you can pick up and use for your escape plan. Play this newest room escape game by NSR Games and escape from this Bomb Ride quickly. Best of luck!

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