Hospital Bomb Threat Escape Game

Hospital Bomb Threat Escape

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Your friend was a doctor in a hospital. He left the country to study abroad. His parents were already there and if he wanted to finish his studies, he should be there as well. So he left but with a promise of coming back. You didn't count on it that much. You knew his parents would want him to be there with them. At first you were able to message each other at least thrice a week. But after a few months, his replies became unpredictable. Sometimes he would call you in times when you were still asleep. He would sometimes forget about the time zones. And when he had time to reply, he'd only say he was very busy. It was like an automatic dialogue. He would say that and you would always say you understood. You couldn't really do anything about it anyway.

Then he stopped messaging you. You didn't bother to keep on messaging him as well. But then, he surprised you by working in a hospital in your city. He wanted you to have a yearly check-up which you followed. The hospital could be quite boring at times yet what happened that day kept you very alert. Play Hospital Bomb Threat Escape room escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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