Blue Wall Room Escape Game

Blue Wall Room Escape

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Naomi is now enjoying the luxuries of her new apartment room which has the main color on its walls of blue and green. Naomi was dreaming of this for a long time and now, she is looking at the fruits of her labor from her living-room. But as she did however, she noticed something with the doors of her new room. Naomi saw that its locks are on the other side, she was a bit confused why and as she investigated on it she realized something and that she is now trapped!

Naomi could not open the door for it seems to be locked on the other side, she thought to herself was this deliberate or a mistake? It looks more like a mistake but why they didn't notice this? And why she didn't as well when she got to the room? Naomi is still curious for she could be wrong here and that's why she just decided to solve this problem on her own. Escape players, want to help Naomi here escape from the room and find-out about anything why its lock was on the other side?

Blue Wall Room Escape is the newest point and click indoor escape game created by Ekey Games.

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