Big Building Escape

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The city you found yourself in was quite mysterious. It seemed like you always jumped to different places every time you passed by certain things. You couldn’t figure out how this was happening. But you somehow enjoyed being in a different place unexpectedly. The people around you couldn’t seem to appreciate this though. You always received weird looks from them. However, you couldn’t promise them not to do it again. You didn’t have any control whatsoever and you were likewise enjoying it. It was such a good thing for you. Yet you just had to find a way to lessen the shock you gave other people. And also possibly choose the places you would land on. The places were all okay so far. But you never would want to land on a wrong place at the wrong time. That wouldn’t be fun.

Most of the times, you would only stay at a place for a few minutes. Then you would be back to your point of origin. But this one time, you found yourself inside a big building. You were waiting to be back to your point of origin. However, almost an hour already passed but you were still inside. So you took the matter to your own hand. Play Big Building Escape room escape game by Mouse City.