Beast Castle Escape

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There’s a marvelous castle on the Games 2 Rule mountain and you can’t help but to go inside it. It is the most beautiful castle that you’ve ever seen. But looks can be deceiving sometimes because despite of the beauty of the castle, there lies a terrible beast. He doesn’t like visitors so he locked you inside his castle. But as the days go by, you learned that he is not a bad beast. He doesn’t like visitors not because he hates people but because he is afraid that people might locate him. People would see him as terrible beast and they will eventually plan to get him out of sight. You can feel his emotions and you want to be his friend. But you can’t talk to him unless you are free so you have to escape from the Beast Castle as soon as you can.

This castle is so magnificent, there are lots of items that you can use to open the door. There are also subtle clues that can help you to get out. Play Beast Castle Escape point n’ click room escape game from Games 2 Rule and tell him how great his heart is. Good luck and have fun!