Banana Monkey Rescue Game

Banana Monkey Rescue

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You're out on the field taking care of the animals. Every animal seems to be doing well. They are all peacefully going about with their day. Then you happen to pass by the monkeys. You notice that they don't have the thing they always have. It's their bananas. These monkeys usually have some bananas inside their home. You're wondering if the monkeys have already eaten the bananas or someone else stole them. You can't let your monkeys be hungry especially when you have to go to another city to buy some. So you continue your rounds around the place hoping to spot the bananas. You look through the houses yet the animals are innocent enough to have hidden them. Then your light search didn't bring anything up. You try to search inside for some additional bananas to give to the monkeys. However, you're out of stock.

So you prepare yourself to solve the mystery of the missing bananas. It's a good thing the monkeys are still very patient despite their hunger. Otherwise they would have been making a lot of noises trying to be noticed. You face the monkeys and promise them to find their bananas. Play Banana Monkey Rescue outdoor escape game by The Escape Games.

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