Army Officer Escape (8B Games)

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The only army officer in the neighborhood just went home today! For a long time that he didn’t, that’s really good, for his family have longed for him. Melvin who is also a resident of the same neighborhood is quite excited too, for this officer was actually his best-friend and after a long time of not seeing him because of training, he’ll finally see him today. Well, maybe not before he needs to rescue him first, for when he arrived at his friend’s house, he found his friend trying to solve a problem!

Melvin first found his family scrambling, that’s when he knew that his friend was actually trapped. Escape players, imagine you are Melvin here and you are now going to help rescue your friend. Will you be able to help your friend where he is trapped which is in his room?

Army Officer Escape is a brand new point-and-click indoor rescue escape game released by 8B Games.

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Walkthrough video for Army Officer Escape (8B Games)

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