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Archaic Asylum

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There are not much asylum nowadays. There are much better facilities for the people who needs help than the asylum. However, you got your interest about archaic asylums. So, you looked for one and now that you are finally here, you didn't waste any time to go in. You can't imagine the things that people went through each room of this building. You can't even stay here for minutes so you felt pity for everyone who's forced to stay. There is nothing that you want right now but to leave this place. However, the door won't open and you have to look for a way to escape. Many people attempted to escape from this place and that is what you should do to. The good news is, there are objects in the room that you can use for your escape plan.

There are also clues in the this asylum that you can see. Those hints can help you to escape so you have to be mindful of those. Most importantly, you have to use your logic to escape. Play this room escape game by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz and find a way to escape from the Archaic Asylum. Best of luck!

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