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Aoi Teach Escape
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Aoi was in a luxurious villa for it had been recommended to her by friends to go to, the place is not a traditional house however which people live in. People can live in it surely, but the house is not built for that though, instead it teaches people how to be analytical and problem solvers. How? Through means of escaping from it because the house will lock any challenger in and they cannot escape from there until they solve the puzzles inside! This is what Aoi came for and she is prepared, but will her skills of escape be enough for this challenge though?

Aoi must navigate through the halls of the beautifully made house, she must find clues among the tons of items there and she needs to do it quickly for there is a time limit for the escape, and when that limit is over it's not going to let her out still, hence the challenge will get even more difficult! Escape players, Aoi is going to give this one a go here, will you join in and see if you'll be able to solve such a challenge and escape quickly?

Aoi Teach Escape is another new point and click indoor escape game made by Ekey Games.

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