Humble Boy Escape Game

Humble Boy Escape

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Shawn was heading to his friend's house for he had something to solve for him because he was not only humble, but also smart that Shawn thinks he can solve this. But as Shawn got to the place however he found his friend's mother talking to some people and they were trying to break into the house! Shawn asked what was going-on, he got an answer quickly for his friend's mother told him that her son got trapped inside the house and now they couldn't get him out! Shawn still doesn't know if this was an accident or not though, but because he knows the secret passages of the house, Shawn went inside through the hidden passage to rescue his friend.

The passage only leads to the living-room however, in-order for him to enter the room he needs to tinker with the door where his friend is trapped, only then he can get to his friend and rescue him. Escape players, Shawn needs to rescue his friend here using all the things he can find near him, want to join in the rescue and see if you can get his friend out safely?

Humble Boy Escape is the newest point and click house rescue escape game created by 8b Games.

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