Amazing Escape The Ice Cream Shop

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Somebody invited Jennifer in the best ice cream shop in town here and because it is ‘the’ ice cream shop, she went and got there on time. But as she entered the shop though, there was nobody around and she was alone!

Jennifer could not understand it, was somebody pulling a prank on her? Or maybe being sneaky or something? Jennifer is starting to not like this and she wants out now. Escape players, want to help Jennifer here escape the shop? She doesn’t want to go too deep there in the store or she might get trapped even more so get her freed the simplest.

Amazing Escape The Ice Cream Shop is the newest point-and-click escape game from Selfdefiant.

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Walkthrough video for Amazing Escape The Ice Cream Shop

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3 months ago

Another piece of trash from Selfdefiant, and this time in the literal sense of the word.

After finding the black key among the scraps of paper in the trash bin, something interesting and strange begins. These scraps begin to haunt you in every location. Trying to move them – no problem: they move. But the new location – oops! They are right here, dear ones, although it is not clear where they come from. And the most interesting thing if you try to return them back to the trash bin. Then there will be… even more of them. Probably, those duplicates are added that were in the trash all this time. And how many times you return to this trash – the number of times you will increase its quantity.

In short, this game is either a bug or trash. Decide for yourself whether it is worthy of your time.

3 months ago
Reply to  b1650424

Perhaps I hastened to conclusions. Perhaps this is not a bug, but just a trashy plot. But then forgive me: I’m not ready to dig through garbage and drag it with me through all the locations in quests of this level.