Alien Warrior Rescue Game

Alien Warrior Rescue

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Come and try another rescue here for a not-so typical individual. Alien Warrior Rescue is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy on this one!

Just a hundred years ago, a colorful object landed in the forest from the sky and that is where the village near where it landed, became prosperous as well as filled with mysteries. Little did everyone know that time what had landed from the heavens, but actually it was an alien warrior from another world! The alien had no memories when he landed and what he knows in the present time now, is what he can only recall from the time he landed.

The village had been under attack from bandits in the time the alien hasn't arrived yet, but when he did the bandits never came again. But well a hundred years later, a problem occurred and it seems the village is under attack again! The alien has this friend from the village who he contacts whenever an attack or any situation would occur, nobody knows about the existence of the alien except this person, and that individual was Leonel. That day there was indeed an attack, but it's not exactly in the village though, but in the house of the alien which was hidden in the forest! The alien got trapped inside a giant cage and it very much looks like an attack from the new generation of bandits, the only one who can help him now was Leonel, and he will for an attack to the alien is also an attack to the village. Escape players, care to join in the rescue here for the alien with Leonel before he finally gets caught by them? Go ahead then and join in! Good luck and have fun with us daily.

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