Abandoned Room Player Rescue Game

Abandoned Room Player Rescue

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A group of kids decided that day to turn the abandoned house their grounds for a game and everybody in the group is a player. Each and every one of the friends entered the place for the game is all about taking just one item from somewhere in the rooms of the place and then leave with it. Seems like a straightforward and easy game, but the place is not at all normal for it is abandoned and even rumored to be haunted! Not to mention the unstable flooring there which they all needed to avoid. As one of the persons who is with the group, Mario was absolutely hesitant with this, but he eventually went for it because it's now his turn.

And so, Mario roams around the rooms looking for a specific item in the structure, it was pretty hard for he was the only light in the darkness and the items that he can see are almost as big as him. There has got to be an item small enough that he can take, but then he got lost in there and finding an item is not an objective anymore. Escape players, Mario needs to escape from the rooms here now and get back to his group or he will get in trouble there in the place, will you be able to help Mario out on this retrieval turned escape?

Abandoned Room Player Rescue is the newest point and click room escape game from Genie Fun Games.

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