Abandoned Medieval Palace Escape Game

Abandoned Medieval Palace Escape

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For today's history class, you learned about the medieval period. You think that this topic is really interesting but the book only has little information. You want to learn more about the medieval period so you went to the abandoned medieval palace. The place is so amazing. You think that this is the most wonderful thing that you've ever seen in your life. You can imagine what it's like in the medieval period. On the other note, you can also imagine how hard it is to live in this palace. This palace has so many security features and it's still functional until now. You bet that only the king knows how to escape from this place. However, you also believe that there are clues that helped the king to escape from this palace so you have to look for those. If the king made it, you can also make it.

However, there are puzzles in this palace that you have to solve before you can completely escape. This is how logical medieval people are. Imagine that you are really in the medieval period. Play Abandoned Medieval Palace Escape room escape game from First Escape Games and try to escape from the room. Good luck!

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