Abandoned Garden Escape Game

Abandoned Garden Escape

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The ancient temple had loads of secrets which the people taking-care of the place have not disclosed, and when the place got ravaged by war, the temple was lost through time including its secrets. Most of its secrets however survived the siege but was then lost through the generations, one however wasn't unchanged and was still hidden from the public. One day, Ericson was roaming around the ruined temple in-search for the magical garden which was one of the secrets of the ancient temple. That place is rumored to have healing abilities or something for when it gets damaged, it just regenerates it back even the stones there! That is why it had been kept a secret for invaders would really mess with the place and they can't risk that, for it's sacred there.

Luckily however, Ericson stumbled upon it and it was definitely hidden within the foliage, no wonder it was hard to find, but the place was indeed beautiful like it never changed a day, he just knows that from a gut feeling. This place definitely needs to be protected, so instead of calling anybody that he had finally found the garden, he'll begin looking around the place and maybe test things to see if the stories are true. Ericson needs to be careful in venturing the place though, for he might get lost and that's not good especially in this suppose to be magical place. Escape players, will you help Ericson here and see what you can find in the garden which was suppose to be abandoned in the medieval times but still well-maintained?

Abandoned Garden Escape is the newest point and click ancient place escape game from 365 Escape.

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