Enchanted Flower Forest Escape Game

Enchanted Flower Forest Escape

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In all the enchanted land, there are a lot of flowers with different properties but there is only one enchanted flower which tops it all, and that is what Hilgard is trying to look for in his decades of expeditions. Through the years, he had become very gentle with his attempts for way back when he was aggressively looking for treasures, it all ended nothing but failures. He soon realized that keeping things calm and respecting nature is the key. One day, he had finally commenced his long-planned mission to find the enchanted flower and he thinks he has a chance now, but he was proven yet again wrong though for this expedition is starting to end in failure.

Hilgard was taking the beaten path of the forest when suddenly, he realized that he is now lost! This is not good, but that proved he might be on the right path though and the place might really have an enchantment. Escape players, come and join in the the expedition turned escape here with Hilgard. Be ready for anything that might happen for the place is still very mysterious.

Enchanted Flower Forest Escape is the newest point and click wilderness escape game created by WoW Escape.

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