Abandoned Factory Escape ( 365 Escape ) Game

Abandoned Factory Escape ( 365 Escape )

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You are so happy that your company stepped up the game. There are lots of investors who trust your company. With that, you had to move into a bigger space. But even if you have a new building, you had to go back to this old factory. There are still things that you have to finish in here. Since the majority of the workers are already at the new factory, you are the only one left in here. So now that you are having a little trouble, there is no one that can help you out. You were packing your things and getting ready to leave when you realized that you forgot to bring your key. Because of that, you can't open the door in this factory. This is the problem that you have to solve right now.

The good news is, there are items in the room that you can use to unlock the door. In addition to that, there are also clues that can help you to solve the puzzles hat you will encounter. You still have work to do so you have to escape quickly. Abandoned Factory Escape ( 365 Escape ) is the newest room escape game by 365 Escape. Good luck!

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