Abandoned Circus Rescue Game

Abandoned Circus Rescue
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Good times are what you can remember in this place. You can still remember the hype and you can still feel the energy in this circus. Sadly, your favorite circus called their final curtain call. There is nothing you can do but to reminisce all the good times. As you are about to leave the place, you heard something from the backstage. It sounds like the voice of your favorite clown. So, you went backstage to check it out. From there, you confirmed that you are right when you saw the clown on a cage. He says that he is trying to practice a trick but end up in this cage.

He has a show to attend so you have to help him to escape from this abandoned circus as soon as possible.  Not only that, he also promised to give you a free ticket if you can help him in time. This seems a pretty good deal so you have to do your best to help him out quickly. Play Abandoned Circus Rescue, a brand new room escape game by Genie Fun Games and use your logic to rescue the clown for the circus. Best of luck!

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