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Save The Circus Joker

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This circus would be boring without the joker. Not only the audience but also you love the circus joker. He gives life to the show. Not only that, he is also the most energetic person that you know in this circus. So now that the circus backstage is quiet, you know that the joker isn't there. He never absents himself. So, you felt that something is wrong. Because of this, you took time to go around the place to check if the joker is really absent. Seems like your intuition is right because you saw the joker locked up in a cage. He said that he is just trying to clean the lion's cage but he got locked up. The show can't start without him so you have to save him.

The show will start in just a few minutes so you have to be quick. Since you don't know where the key is, you have to gather alternative items that you can use to open the cage. You also have to collect clues to make this rescue operation as quick as possible. Play this brand new outdoor escape game is from WoW Escape and Save The Circus Joker. Good luck!

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