Aaron Escape From Island Game

Aaron Escape From Island

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Once every year, you get on your magical boat to fantasy Island. You discovered this when you were searching the sand by the sea for shells. Instead of finding a shell, you found a key with shells on it. You held it up to the sun to see if it has anything inside. Then on the key, an arrow appeared. You followed the arrow and it changed direction every few meters. Surprisingly, you didn't bump on anything while only looking at the key. After a few minutes, you found a shed. You tried the key on the door however it wouldn't fit. So you just tried to turn the knob and the door opened. It took a while for your eyes to adjust on the dim light inside the shed. And there you found inside, a shining boat. It was like millions of shining powder showered on the boat.

You took several steps closer just in case it was just a trap. But when nothing happened, you climbed the boat and put the key inside. It ignited and the boat started a soft purr. And your adventures to the fantasy island began. The only fuel you need were the good deeds you collected throughout the year. You were able to reach the island, however, your good deeds weren't enough to take you home. Play Aaron Escape From Island outdoor escape game by Genie Fun Games.

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