Winter Forest Escape 4 Game

Winter Forest Escape 4

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You are exploring once again the frozen forest. Somehow, you never learn, even if last time is not easy an escape. Getting pass the trauma of losing your friends to an ice monster, you still need closure. This time, however, you think you could do anything and there is no way that this monster can get away from what what it did. But you were wrong, the forest in very confusing, mostly now when it's all covered in that glowing white snow.

This did not daunt you because you came prepared. There will be no more tears this time, only the hunger to bring that monster down. You now you found yourself once again lost in the winter forest. Follow the same clues as last time, explore around for frozen mushrooms, acorns, star crystals and solve the mystery to unlock the entrance in the old house. Good luck and have fun!


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  1. Date: March 26, 2015
    Author: jule
    There was no point in doing this because I am not longer able to play this, thanks.

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