Winter Boy Escape Game

Winter Boy Escape

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In movies, the falling of the snow looks very romantic. It's like your childhood dreams coming to reality. People are playing with the snow making snow angels. Others are busy with snowball fights. And lovers are walking around while holding hands enjoying the views. But it's not always the case. During winter, people are actually busy preparing the things that can keep them warm. Likewise, they make sure that they have enough supplies to last the season. Sometimes it'll be hard to go around acquiring what you need so it's best that you're prepared. You're now used to the snow. However, you have a neighbor who is experiencing the snow for the first time. And he easily lost his direction with the appearance of the snow. You notice that you haven't seem him since he went out to look around. So you also go out to search for him.

Your search leads you to some houses where he might have taken shelter on. However, no one is around during this time because of the cold. And to get to him, you have to pass through many challenges first. Will you successfully find him? Or will you forever lose him in the snow? Play Winter Boy Escape outdoor escape game by The Escape Games.

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