Magical Little Angel Game

Magical Little Angel

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You check your email for new jobs. But not one appeared. So you just go through the rest of your mails to organize them. You have a lot of notifications from social media that you rarely read. Some of them are dated five years ago and it just adds junk to your mail. So you check them one by one and erase them. While checking, you come across an email from three years ago. It is from a registered official email add of an organization. You haven't heard of the organization but since they don't seem like doing any phishing, you open it. The mail contains a letter from someone named Magical Little Angel. You don't know anyone who calls themselves that name. You can't even remember anyone going by the name. So you read further on. She's asking for help to escape the forest.

You don't know how this mail entered your inbox. But you don't think she's a scammer. You continued until the bottom of the letter when suddenly another message appeared. "I'm still here." You jump to your feet and hurry out to check the forest. Magical Little Angel is an outdoor escape game by Mirchigames where you have to explore the forest to rescue someone.


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