Vintage Castle Escape Game

Vintage Castle Escape

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Vintage Castle Escape is point and click escape game from Ena Games. Imagine one day you were sitting in the livingroom in your favourite armchair when suddenly you glanced an advertisement in the newspaper. It promoted a journey to Asia at good cost. You had never been there before so you decided to spend your saved money to this trip. The departure was due in the next weekend. On the following day you couldn't wait for it but finally on saturday morning you set out to the airport. The flight took about ten hours but you exploited the time by running over the travelling brochures. When you arrived your first way led you to the hotel, then to a big castle that you had appointed on the plane to visit first. It was a place which role was the biggest in the oriental faiths. You were roaming there for hours when suddenly you realized the place became empty. Maybe it was over the closing hours but you were not aware of its exact time. You went to check the entrance and appallingly found it locked. Find hidden objects and fit them together to get out. Good luck!



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