Guest House Escape Game

Guest House Escape

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Guest House Escape - is the point and click escape game from Eight Games. Imagine your children had been living abroad for years. One day one of them called you and said he was going to come home for a couple of days next week. You were glad to hear that but realized the guest room was the only possible place where he could stay during the visit. Putting down the phone you immediately went to check the condition of the room. It was a little dusty and neglected so a big cleaning must be done on the following days. You didn't waste your time and the next day you set out to make it clean again. You were working there all afternoon long when suddenly your phone rang. It was your husband and he said a dinner was due with him tonight. You forgot it totally so you put down the cleaning-machines and rushed toward the bathroom. Appallingly you found the door of the room locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to make your way out and get ready in time. Good luck!



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