The Spirit Of The Winter Wolf Game

The Spirit Of The Winter Wolf

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Winter is your favorite season and skiing is your favorite thing to do. So you went to the mountain top to ski all the way down. You are sure that it is safe up there because all the wolves migrated. Because of this, you are confident that no wolf will attack you. But you did not know about the myth of the Winter Wolf. The winter wolf is the one who protects that mountain and even though he is dead, his spirit still lives. The thing is, he doesn't want anyone to step into that sacred mountain. So by the time that you stepped in the mountain, The Spirit Of The Winter Wolf dominated. That spirit started to attack you and you have no choice but to go down the mountain. However, it is not as easy as you think it would be.

You have to go through a lot of challenges before that happens. And one of those challenges is the puzzle that you need to solve. You have to be quick and find clues that can help you to solve these puzzles. Play this brand new outdoor escape game from Enagames and try to escape from The Spirit Of The Winter Wolf. Best of luck!

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