Little Octopus Escape Game

Little Octopus Escape

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It is your first time to dive and you are expecting a lot of things. You wish to see a lot of sea creatures during your dive. So you did not waste any time to do so. And you are thankful for your decision to dive because it is really beautiful down there. You feel like you are a mermaid swimming with the fishes. But fishes are not the only creatures that you saw underwater. You saw a little octopus and you really think that it is cute so you went near it. But while you were looking at it, you noticed something. This octopus only has seven arms so you inspected it. Then you realized that his one arm is locked in the rock. He throws too much ink, the situation must really scare him a lot. You have to help this little octopus to escape from there.

But you have to be quick before your tank runs out of oxygen. You have to find clues and use your logic to rescue the poor little octopus. Little Octopus Escape is the newest outdoor escape game from Genie Fun Games that you will surely enjoy. Play this exciting escape game and try to solve this puzzle as fast as you can. Good luck!

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