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The Fox

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You're in a foreign land and can't speak even a word to the locals. You choose this country to travel to since very few articles have been made about it. Searching the internet about this place can only give you a couple of pictures and you want to change that. You want to show the beauty and culture of this place as well. So you inform your friends about your trip hoping they will ask you if they can come. However, none of your friends seem interested. They are even raising their brows on you. But you don't want to back out from this trip. You want to prove to them that there's so much more to this place. You weren't able to book a guide so you now have a local guiding you. All your communication is through actions but you seem to understand each other.

She leads you to a place that the GPS can't identify. Then it's like she's motioning you to stay. So you stay on that place hoping she'll return. However, she didn't. And you wander around on your own. Then you see something moving in the bushes. It has an orange tail and a fox comes to mind. Play The Fox outdoor escape game by Games Zone 15.

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