The Enlighten Of Tranquillity Game

The Enlighten Of Tranquillity

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You're walking along a path you found behind the bush in your backyard. You're just trying to check if there are snakes living there. But instead of finding any creatures, what you find is a path leading somewhere. You're very curious when it comes to unknown places. So you try to follow the path. However, it turns out to be a path not just for simple walking. While walking on this path, many thoughts are flashing in your mind. You try to grasp even just one and focus on it. However it seems like all they can do is just pass by you. And it's up to what memory will you hold on to and think about. After the memories come the questions. This path makes you realize a lot of things in life. You're not sure if you're on your way to being someone very knowledgeable.

But all you know is that there are numerous interesting things on the surroundings. You're picking each one since you're expecting that they'll be part of something bigger and meaningful. So regardless of your questions in mind right now, what's important is that you're getting somewhere with this path you're taking. Play The Enlightenment of Tranquility outdoor escape game by Enagames.

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