Escape Distant Planet Game

Escape Distant Planet

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So many discoveries have already been made. And sometimes, you think people are just recycling these discoveries. They just wait for the time when people have forgotten the buzz of the new findings. Then they will just present it to the public once more. You accidentally knew about this when your drunk friend spilled everything in a party. She's the type to boast about almost everything. However, you're the type to just listen to whatever she's saying without totally believing all of her words. She revealed that her current research work was actually made almost a century ago. But at that time, not much devices were present to acquire more information. It was fine with you if she continued someone else's work. But she wasn't. She was simply claiming that she's the pioneer. With this in mind, you want to prove to her that original work is better.

So you started looking for an institution where you can join a research group. You found one that's desperately looking for a field researcher. You wanted to experience something like this for so long so you grabbed the opportunity. However, you only found out later that it'll be on a distant planet. You can't stand being far away for too long. So you tried to find your way out early. Play Escape Distant Planet outdoor escape game by Mouse City.


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