The Brides Escape Game

The Brides Escape

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White flowing dresses...bouquets of flowers elegantly very well know this day. Your friend's getting married and you're the photographer. As a photographer, you have to capture not only the events but also the emotions. So you always have your camera ready to shoot. And since this is the special day for the groom and bride, you make sure to capture every moment. However, as you look at the pictures, you can sense a weird emotion from your friend. It seems like she's not entirely happy with the wedding. The ceremony hasn't started yet. And the pictures you have are all pre-wedding ceremony. You walk towards your friend to ask her about her thoughts on this day. However, her mother faces you instead. She wants to see the preview of the pictures. She expresses her admiration on the photos you took and then move towards her daughter.

You only observe from afar. But somehow, your friend's feelings reaches you. So you once more walk towards her to clear thoughts running in your mind. When you reach her, she hugs you and whispers her intention to escape the wedding. Your thoughts are all over the place but you know you have to help her. Play The Brides Escape  outdoor escape game by 365 Escape.

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