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Tamilnadu Temple

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Most people go to India for soul searching. You don't know how that works but you don't think you'll be able to do that there. India is originally not part of your must-visit countries. However, you have a very good friend living there. The two of you only meet online. He haven't been to your country as you have been to his. Still your communication continues. He would usually call you to practice his speaking skills. Sometimes you let him, other times you simply ignore his calls. You don't have very good understanding skills when it comes to non-English speaking persons speaking English. So you just end up agreeing to whatever he is saying. To avoid times like this one, you simply ignore or make excuses. He always understands you though. But you feel bad sometimes as well. So to make up for those times, you're visiting him.

He welcomes you with arms wide open as you leave the airport. You can't believe you're facing him. He seems to be very happy though and it makes you relax. He's very excited to show you around and the first place he wants you to see is the Tamilnadu Temple. This temple is a very important place for him and you greatly appreciate his actions. You like this kind of place as well and you're like in a world of your own. And you're lost in it. Play Tamilnadu Temple outdoor escape game by Ajaz Games.

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